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The purpose of this wiki is to publish articles and projects in the fields of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Automation and Control, Internet of Things etc.

Arduino Projects

ESP-8266 Projects




Raspberry Pi Projects

Why a wiki and not a blog?

This web site is hosted on a humble, first generation 512MB Raspberry Pi Model B. Its data reside in an SD card and a USB flash drive. This particular configuration has been chosen with the purpose of “proving” that even a minimal system can perform adequately enough, when properly designed and configured. Even with such a small system, the landing page achieves a remarkable score of 86 to 92 with Google PageSpeed Insights.

The development of the server which hosts the site was a large project by itself. Parts of this work shall be documented herein (work in progress…). It was an architectural decision to avoid installing databases such as those used in blog software due to the limited system resources, as well as the extensive wear that databases impose on the solid state drives. This wiki has been built on Dokuwiki, which relies on flat files and does not require a database management system. The maximum time that the server managed to run continuously without a single restart in any of the running services has been 407 consecutive days, and still going on. SD corruption occured after the first installation but corrective measures have been taken. You may find the suspected reasons for the SD corruption and the resolution here.

The target group of this wiki is people having medium to advanced knowledge in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as in Software Engineering. Mechanical skills may also be required in cases where a project needs construction activities or refurbishment. As a result, articles published on this wiki shall cover very specialized subjects and the content will serve mostly as a food-for-thought for people who wish to re-use ideas and approaches found herein, rather than being a step-by-step instructable for novices. Novices who want to extend their hobby with a deeper knowledge of the world of system design, may also benefit from the articles.

It is also assumed that the target audience understands and complies to the safety issues associated with all actions presented in the articles, as well as the local laws, regulations and certifications for designing, building, testing, operating, owning and interfacing any form of apparatus.

Privacy Policy

Please visit our Privacy Policy page to see how we operate this site in regard of Personal Data.


Anyone who wishes to contact me, can do so by filling this contact form. I cannot commit on responding all contacts but I will try my best.

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