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Privacy Policy

This page explains how and when your personal data is collected, processed and used when accessing, or any of its subdomains. Basis of all processing are the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the following text we use

  • “we” and “administrator” for the people managing the website or in GDPR speak: the controller
  • “you” for the users accessing the website or in GDPR speak: the data subject

In this page, we explain to you how we operate this web site in the context of GDPR.

This text was written to be short and easy to understand by someone who is not a lawyer. If you feel something is not as clear as it should be, please help to improve it.


Cookies are small text files that may be stored by us inside your browser, depending on the visited domain. This allows us to give your browser a short- and long-term memory. Details on the cookie behaviour of each of our domains is presented below:

This domain does not make use of cookies. It will not install and will not read any cookie in your browser, unless you visit this Privacy Policy page which is hosted in If you encounter any cookie activity from this domain, please report it immediately by filling this contact form.

This wiki has been built on the open-source product DokuWiki. In general, all cookies we set are necessary to provide functionality on our DokuWiki sites. Details on which cookies may be set by DokuWiki are available at DokuWiki Cookies.

This domain currently does not allow registration of guests and other visitors, except the administrator. Therefore, the only DokuWiki cookie that is set is the DokuWiki cookie, which is the standard PHP session identifier, and is essential for maintaining the visitor's session when browsing through the wiki pages.

The cookie notification functionality is based on the third-party plug-in 'cookielaw' which sets its own cookielaw cookie.

Your browser has settings to control which cookies it accepts and for how long it stores them How to enable cookies.

Server Logs

The web server hosting our site will log each page access. This log will also contain some personal data:

  • your IP address
  • the referrer (where you came from)
  • your browser identification

This information is necessary for legal reasons and to analyse and prevent abuse. This allows us to keep users away who try to crash our server or to have necessary evidence in case of illegal or criminal activity.

Our server logs are automatically deleted after 14 days. We will only keep log files longer when they are needed as evidence during an investigation.

Contact Form Logs

When you submit a Contact Form, you need to provide the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Message subject
  • Message content

The above information is stored in the server logs. An email is sent to the administrator account(s) and the information is stored into the administrator mailbox, as well as in the email server logs.

The administrator retains mail messages for as long as is required by the communication with the person who submitted the contact form. Spam mails, such as those submitted by bots, are kept indefinitely or until the processing of the spam is completed for technical reasons or for a legal investigation.

User Profiles

Visitors are not allowed to to register and/or edit pages in the wiki, and therefore there are no User Profiles within our domains. As a consequence, no personal data related to User Profiles are kept.

Third Party Processing

Effort has been made during the development of this site to avoid any content that is stored in other sites, including third-party fonts, scripts, caching in CDNs etc.

Our servers are hosted in-house and are not served by any outsourcing service.

Therefore, your data are not shared with any other party.

Your Rights

The GDPR guarantees your right to information about your personal data, as well as your rights to rectification, erasure, and portability (e.g. for transferring data). Furthermore, you have a right to restriction and objection of processing your data. You also have a right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory data protection authority.

The above are general statements which may or may not apply with the operation of our domains, as described in detail in above sections. In any case, feel free to contact us by filling this contact form, so that we can work out how we can help you.

This website uses cookies. By using the website, you agree with storing cookies on your computer. Also you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree leave the website.More information about cookies
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